About Dyeing

Dyeing: Adding a color to or changing the color of something by soaking or spraying it with a solution impregnated with a dye:

One aspect of carpet dyeing is replacing color that has been lost by sunlight, bleach, cleaning chemicals, high ph carpet cleaning solutions or by anything that has the ability to cause reduction. Another aspect of carpet dyeing is adding color to another color to change its hue. Dyeing has many aspects to it and there’s a variety of different applications. For our applications we use a non-toxic liquid dye that is acid based. They’re 100% colorfast and are equal to or better than carpet mill dyes. We apply our dyes thru syringe, sprayer, or air brush.

Dyes historically have been naturally derived from nature. Some examples would be plants, animals, insects, and minerals. Natural dyes are not as colorfast and can be more muted and less radiant. Synthetic dyes are made from organic compounds with synthetic components. Synthetic dyes are very permanent and will not wash out with future carpet cleanings.

Carpet dyeing is a viable option for anyone selling their home to improve the look of their carpet or rug, or to change the color of their existing carpet to a more modern color of carpet to help insure a faster resale of their home, apt, or condo (carpet color change is dictated by the current color of carpet).

Carpet staining is another area that dyeing can be beneficial. Staining is always defined by permanency but it’s important to note that staining is also the addition of any foreign color that changes the original color of your carpet or rug. Carpet stains can be reduced by orthodox or unorthodox measures. Stains can be reduced by a special UV light and then re-dyed to match.  Oftentimes people replace carpet prematurely because they don’t know what their options are or are unaware that stains can be reduced and re-dyed. Dyeing is a specialty and a skill that can help save you money in the long run. Carpet or rug dyeing must be done by someone that practices their skill on a very regular basis.

Questions to ask:

  • Is carpet dyeing one the main focuses of their business?
  • Do they offer just carpet dyeing or do they also offer structural carpet repair too?
  • Do they have Certified Dye Technicians who will be performing the work?
  • Are the dyes guaranteed to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet?
  • Will the dyes leave any kind of residue?
  • Do they use liquid dyes opposed to powder dyes? (Liquid dyes do not leave a powdery residue behind). Powder dyes are not as colorfast.
  • Will they guarantee the best possible outcome for each situation?


It’s important to understand that in some situations carpet dyeing is not a viable option and considerations need to be made for structural carpet repair (AKA carpet patch). At Parrot we understand this, but most importantly we offer the services to attain complete carpet care. If you need carpet dyeing because you spilled bleach on your carpet we can help. If there’s a bleach stain on your carpet we can help. If your carpet has a burn hole we can help. If your carpet has damage from a pet we can help. If your carpet is loose, bumpy, lumpy, wavey or has wrinkles we can help. Stretching your carpet because your carpet is loose is something that we do regularly.  Patching carpet from pet damage is a normal occurrence.

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