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Parrot rug cleaning and carpet dyeing is a family owned company but employs some of the best people in the industry. Our team is what makes us successful and are what makes us great. We enjoy and take great pride in the work we do and strive to provide the best quality rug cleaning, rug dyeing, carpet dyeing, hardwood floor cleaning and structural carpet repair in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin cities metro area.  We have built a strong foundation, built on a reputation of quality, trust, integrity and value. We are a company that is surrounded by a strong and reliable network of our rug cleaning peers throughout the USA. In our opinion this is important because we can stay on top of current trends and technologies and it helps us be better, personally and professionally.

Our goal and one of our highest aspirations is to serve you with the purest intentions, giving you the best value and to deliver the best finished product with the highest quality cleaning that can be delivered, which is 100% restored clean. That’s our mission, that’s our passion, so let us deliver for you.

Cleaning definition: Free from foreign matter. Or better yet… getting everything out of your rug or off your hardwood floor that doesn’t belong there.

Rug Cleaning: The whole concept of rug cleaning is getting your rug clean. To us it’s more than just getting your area rug clean, it’s cleaning it without ruining it.  Did you know that water can be a double edged sword in rug cleaning? You need tons of it but tons of it can cause serious issues for the rug cleaner. Some of today’s area rug fibers are manufactured cheaply but sold for top dollar. Rug cleaners of today need to take extra precaution due to a common cellulosic fiber used in most modern day rugs.  An example of such fiber is Viscose. Understanding the difficulties of modern day fibers helps us in our overall goal of restored clean.  Foreign matter to a rug is dirt, dry particulate soil, grease, grime, oil, urine, vomit, throw up, feces, poop, crocking or loose dyes. Rug cleaning is NOT carpet cleaning. Rugs are smaller in size and are constructed differently with some similarities. There are all types of rugs, cheap ones, sort of cheap ones and then there are very expensive ones. Rugs come from all over the world. There are Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, Navajo rugs, Afghani rugs, Turkish rugs, Pakistani rugs, Tibetan rugs, Moroccean rugs, Kilims, Karastans, Wool rugs, Indian rugs, Dhurrie rugs, Silk rugs, Oriental rugs, investment quality rugs, Ikea rugs, wayfair rugs, area rugs, throw rugs, polyester rugs, viscose rugs, olefin rugs, rugs from Menards and rugs from the home depot too. All rugs will get dirty regardless of what you paid for them. Rugs are not created equal and shouldn’t be treated as such. It’s important to understand that rugs can carry pounds of dirt, yes pounds of it. They can be saturated with urine from pets. Rugs are heavy and especially heavy when wet. We utilize the most modern equipment created for rug cleaning and the most current technologies to get your rug clean, very clean, restored clean.

Carpet dyeing: We are one of the leading carpet dyers in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Carpet dyeing is a very unique specialty that requires skill and a lot of practice. We offer carpet color change, bleach spill on carpet repair, bleach stain on carpet repair and carpet color restorations. If carpet dyeing isn’t being practiced on a routine basis then we would highly caution anyone from hiring that company. Great outcomes from carpet dyeing are only achieved through practice and a good skill set. We help everyone with color loss issues in carpet like janitorial and cleaning companies that accidentally spill bleach on their customers carpet or other cleaning chemicals like toilet bowl cleaners or high ph carpet cleaning solutions. A lot of people use pet urine removers from pet stores which cause major discoloration in carpet. Oftentimes these products cause more damage to your carpet color than the urine itself.

Rug color restoration/rug dyeing: Rugs lose most of their color through rug washing, sun fading or just old age.  Rug color restoration is also stripping loose dyes that have migrated into other areas of your rug accidentally from cleaning them.

Structural carpet repair: Why carpet repair from a rug cleaning and carpet dyeing company? Carpet dyeing specialists run into structural carpet repairs regularly. When a person or a cleaning company spills bleach on your carpet it sometimes degrades or ruins the carpet fibers beyond dyeing so we just patch it with a carpet patch. We also stretch loose, wavy, bumpy, wrinkly, or buckling carpet. We fix carpet from pet damage too. Cats scratch your carpet causing severe damage to it.

Urine odor removal from rugs: We guarantee complete urine odor removal from rugs. We offer something better than a bath we offer the Werpee wash. It’s like a bath but better.

Hardwood/LVT (luxury vinyl tile) cleaning: Hardwood floor cleaning is becoming more popular with the declining popularity of carpet. Carpet will make a rebound but for now it’s on a decline. We can gently remove old or built up over the counter soaps and oils that have been applied over the years on your hardwood floors. The system will remove very minor imperfections. Once your floor is clean and free from old built up residues we will apply one or two coats of water based finish specifically designed for hardwood floors.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 612-388-7228.

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