Color Repair/Bleach Spot Mn

Bleach stain carpet repair/carpet color restoration

Bleach spilled on your carpet? Did you spill bleach on your rug? medications, pimple cream from the kids, pet stain removers, miracle method, Peroxide, Clorox cleaner, sanitizers, disinfectants, benzoyl peroxide, dog urine, cat urine. These are all products that can remove color from your carpet or rug. All of these products contain some sort of bleaching agent. Of course, most of these products were not created for carpet, so if they caused the damage it was typically caused by accident from your children, you, or a professional house cleaning, window washing, power washing, painting or janitorial company.

Carpet fibers that show color loss can almost always be re-dyed. There are other products besides oxidizers like bleach that can take color from your rug or carpet. Reducing agents like toilet bowl cleaners or strong battery acids will strip color from your carpet too.

Structural carpet repair like a carpet patch

Part of the reason we added structural carpet repair to our rug cleaning, rug dyeing and carpet dyeing company is because products like strong bleach or acids will sometimes dissolve wool or nylon fibers making them undyeable. When we run into situations like this we are able to solve the problem on the spot by doing a carpet patch.

How Permanent Is The Dye Job Repair?

Any job that we fix will be permanent for life. The dyes will not wash out for any reason.

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