Have you ever heard of dyeing carpet? How about dyeing rugs? or fixing bleach spots in carpet? Or bleach stains? How about fixing color issues in carpet or rugs caused by some cleaning solution or other chemical? We can change your carpets color or offer you a color restoration. Have you ever thought about these services? Probably not because it’s not a common service that is offered in Minnesota or throughout the USA. Dyeing is a viable option for anyone who owns carpet or rugs. Carpet dyeing can be an easy fix for house cleaning and homeowner that’s selling their house and they want their carpet to look vibrant and new. Or possibly a real estate agent who is selling a house and the existing carpet is an outdated color. How about property managers who manage commercial properties. We can help there too. All carpet loses 3% of its color each year so some commercial carpet has become so sun faded that it needs to have its color restored. We can do that..Or how about that carpet that has a bad stain in it and it sticks out like a sore thumb. These are problems we can solve. We also offer something called a color clean. While we clean your carpet we add dye to our fresh water and restore the color while we clean. Its Awesome!!  If your carpet is structurally sound and is made of nylon or wool it more than likely can be dyed. So if you live anywhere in Minneapolis, Minnesota or surrounding suburbs we can be of service to you. We also have a traveling dyeing group that services Sioux falls, South Dakota. Hudson, WI. Duluth, Mn. St. Cloud, Mn. Rochester, Mn. And Des Moines, IA Our dyes are 100% colorfast. They can be walked on immediately without color transfer. Our dyes are also non-toxic (MSDS sheets available upon request). Thank you for reading our blog and we hope to hear from you soon.

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