Here in the Twin Cities a question that is asked of us over and over is “How do we clean our oriental rugs?” And, we are always happy to answer any and all questions. This is what we do and we’re proud to service the fine folks of Minneapolis & St. Paul and teach them how to clean and maintain their rugs.

The simple answer is…bring your rugs to us to clean and restore. Okay, I know you were probably expecting that. But unless you have proper training in the care of your antique and heirloom rugs, I would refrain from trying to clean it yourself.

Here’s why…

Certain household cleaners can have an adverse effect on rug fibers and some can even strip the colors out or worse cause the weave to distort or come apart. Why chance it?

Yes, we do recommend you vacuum your rugs, but certain vacuums can actually be too strong and cause damage to the rug itself.

So how do WE clean your oriental rugs?

We give them a bath!

Okay well it’s more than that!

In a nutshell, we soak your rug to remove all the dirt and debris and dog urine (if you have dogs), then gently groom and dry your rug. The process from start to finish takes time but the end result is a rug restored to its brilliant glory.

If you would like to learn about how we clean your rugs, call us at 612-388-7228 and we’ll be honored to answer all your questions.

Talk to you soon,

Jon @ Parrot Rug Cleaning and Carpet Dyeing

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