Our Washes

Our cleaning system and processes will get your area rug clean, regardless of how it’s constructed or the fiber type. Of course there are exceptions to how we clean your rug depending on age, condition and the type of rug that you may own. We will apply the best case scenario for the ultimate clean for your rugs. All of the rugs that we clean are pre-inspected for dye bleeding, dye crocking, rug damage, and urine issues. All of the rugs being cleaned have already been professionally dusted and are ready for the cleaning process.  We offer two standard washes.

Top Middle Bottom: This is our standard cleaning system for all rugs unless the rug tells us differently. This cleaning process, to us, is probably the best way to get your rug clean. It encompasses two ways to deliver cleaning power. The first is applying moderate pressure with at least 18 gallons of water per minute continually washing away dry soil, insoluble soils and urine that is held in suspension. We have the capability, if needed, due to excessive soil load, to relieve the pressure and increase the water flow which rapidly flushes all dirt, grit and grime away. This system of cleaning is the perfect solution for minor, moderate, major soiling and suitable for light to medium urine contamination.

Werpee Wash: Werpee wash is werpee clean. What is the werpee wash? It’s our system of cleaning through your rug. The werpee wash literally cleans through the foundation of your rug. This cleaning system incorporates “Top middle bottom” but adds an extra step to the cleaning process. We have a specific tool that we wrap the rug around and then we apply supermax sucking power to pull clean water through it. The process is set up in a way that while clean water is being pulled through the rug dirty water is also being pushed out and away from your rug. The clean water is continually being replaced while the dirty contaminated water is continually being flushed out.  This wash is ideal for rugs with medium to high concentrations of dog or cat urine. We guarantee complete odor removal. No system cleans better

Fringe cleaning: If you didn’t know the fringe is the foundation of the rug. The fringe is just the extension of the foundation. Cotton, silk or acrylic fringe. We can clean it. The fringe oftentimes defines how clean your rug really is. Bear in mind that there is such a thing as sewn on fringe which is a sewn on appendage.

If you want to read more about rug cleaning please visit our rug cleaning page. Please give us a call at 612-388-7228 or book here online for a pick up or delivery.

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