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Rug cleaning is removing dry dirt (the most damaging), insoluble soil, grease, grime, urine, vomit, dog poop, feces, dog pee, cat pee and the list goes on. Rug cleaning is all about the pre-inspection. Pre-inspection helps us locate and identify repairs, potential repairs and problem rugs. Rugs are made from wool, silk, viscose and other materials too. The fiber type and style of each rug has its own characteristic or personality profile, therefore it needs to be cleaned a certain way and certain precautions need to be met. It is true, generally speaking, that rugs are washed the same but there are tweaks that need to happen to make sure that your rug comes delivered back to you free from damage. Rug cleaning is also managing excessive dye bleeding, dye crocking and the overall welfare of your rug or textile. Rug cleaning is not carpet cleaning.

Rugs are vast these days especially since carpet mills are not producing as much carpet as they used to. People are pulling their carpet and installing LVT (luxury vinyl tile) or some type of wood laminate or hardwood flooring. Their floors look barren without something decorative on them so they lay rugs down to give it that elegant look.

At Parrot we understand clean, especially when it comes to cleaning area rugs and hardwood floors. Regardless of the value of your rugs, they all need and take great work to achieve the desired result of restored clean. Accompanied with our vast cleaning experience we incorporate the latest and greatest technology and equipment to get your rugs thoroughly cleaned. Our rug cleaning plant utilizes professional rug cleaning equipment to maximize our cleaning results. We use rug tumblers for dusting, harmonic vibration for dusting, air dusting for dusting (style of dusting), rug centrifuge and rug suckers for complete evacuation of water. We also use the marinator to clean through the middle of your rug to guarantee complete removal of urine.

Here are some of the types of rugs that we clean at our rug washing plant in St. Paul, Mn. We clean Wool rugs, Silk rugs, fake silk, area rugs, throw rugs, shag rugs, Persian rugs, braided rugs, Viscose rugs, Oriental handmade rugs, Chinese rugs, antique rugs, Turkish rugs, Dhurrie rugs, vintage rugs, Kilim rugs, Moroccean rugs, Karastan rugs, Indo rugs, investment quality rugs and many more.

It’s important for us to help you understand that there are four types of rug washers. There’s the tub washer, then there’s the automated rug shops, the handwashers and then there’s the carpet cleaner that says they clean rugs.

Tub Washers

Tub washing is as literal as it sounds. They wash your rug in a massive tub. The tub can carry hundreds of gallons of water. Your rug is first sprayed or given a first cleaning on a wash floor and then it’s put inside a large tub of water with many other rugs (rugs that do not belong to you) and a very, very low dose of bleach. Our best analogy for tub washing is washing your dirty clothes with another stranger’s dirty clothes.

Automated Rug Shops

Automated rug shops are an assembly line. They can clean hundreds of rugs per day. People feed a machine and it washes your rug. Automated rug shops can and do charge a premium price but in our opinion the personal touch of personal handwashing is gone. The process is quicker and less personal but the price stays the same.

Hand Washing

Hand washing doesn’t mean we are literally washing your rug by hand with a brush, but it does mean we are using powerful yet gentle electric CRB machines (counter rotating brushes) to gently agitate and clean your rug. We are standing on top of your rug washing it independently of others. We are handling your rug with our hands from the start to the finish. We take the hands, knee and feet approach to washing your rugs. We use copious amounts of clean freshwater (18-65 gpm) to thoroughly rinse the dirt, oily soil, urine and loose dyes away from your rug.. We utilize river style cleaning along with pressurized washing to get the most out of your rug, literally.

The Carpet Cleaner Who Says They Wash Rugs

Most carpet cleaners sub-contract the rug cleaning to another rug washing plant. But some carpet cleaners actually clean your rug themselves. I’ve mentioned this many times before that rug cleaning and carpet cleaning are not alike. If you do not have a dedicated space for rug cleaning along with proper equipment then the final result of any rug washing will be just sort of clean. Most carpet cleaners use water claws or flash extractors to evacuate the water. Most, if not all carpet cleaners use vacuum cleaners to dust your rug. If youre going to pay a premium price expect a premium cleaning.

We provided this breakdown for your consideration when choosing a rug cleaning plant in Minneapolis or St.Paul. At Parrot we service the whole seven county Twin Cities metro area. Some of the cities include Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, Woodbury, Bayport, Lakeland, Afton, Lake Elmo, North Oaks, Shoreview, Vadnais Heights, Maplewood, Little canada, Cottage grove, Inver grove heights, Edina, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Plymouth and Mound.

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