Rug Color Restoration MN

Rug Color Restoration

Rugs that are old or weather worn will lose some of their color. Color loss in rugs is typically caused by the sun. The second biggest culprit of dye loss is from your pet peeing on it. Urine in rugs can cause staining or color loss, but it depends on the rug and it also depends on your dog’s chemistry too.  Man made products like bleach, peroxide or pet stain removers are also large contributors to your rug losing color. Another source of dye loss is age, inferior dyes and frequent cleanings. Wool rugs have a max temp that they should be cleaned with and a max Ph. Sometimes rug washers will exceed one of these or both to get your rug the cleanest it can be, especially if the rug is very dirty with greasy soil. Parrot rug cleaning and carpet dyeing has the ability to restore color loss in natural fibers like wool, silk, acrylic, bamboo silk, rayon and viscose. So if you’re wanting to restore color in an old rug, antique rug, vintage rug or a rug that has sentimental value we can most likely help you. We would love to speak with you and restore the color back  to your rug.

Rug color restoration also includes removing or reducing stains from your rug. Coffee stains, Urine stains, red wine stains, curry, turmeric, kool aid or water stains.

Another very common mistake is when carpet cleaners clean rugs at their customers house. Wool, Oriental and silk rugs can bleed dye from excessive ph or strong cleaning solutions. The dyes then migrate into areas that they shouldn’t and you now have a big mess on your hands. It’s also a common thing for a rug washing plant to not properly pre-inspect a rug or they wash it incorrectly and cause dye bleeding. These are all issues that we can most likely correct or improve.


  • Q: I want my whole rug to have its color restored? Can you do that? A: Yes we can restore original colors.
  • Q: I spilled something on my rug and now it’s discolored. Can you fix this? A: Yes most of the time. We always need to test fibers first for damage and dyeability.
  • Q: How can I get an estimate? A: Please text (612-388-7228) or email an image of the rug needing work including the size. (

We look forward to serving you in the future. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 612-388-7228 or email us at

Rug Color Restoration
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