Let’s talk tub washing verses hand washing of your rugs. Tub washing has been around for years but what is it? Well…it’s a large tub with tons of water in it. The tub has paddles that circulate and wash your rug. At first blush it sounds great, BUT… tub washers use the same water to wash your rug as they do others. So they intermingle rugs in the same water. It’s similar to using the same bath water as someone else. To us that doesn’t sound good. Hand washing is different. And can be misleading too so let’s clarify. Hand washing still uses machines but the tools are more precise and they’re controlled by your hands/arms. When hand washing your rug we lay it on a wash floor (wash floors are important primarily how they are constructed but that’s for another blog). Once your rug is on the floor we apply a safe cleaning solution to it then proceed to agitate with a counter rotation device. After the agitation process we then rinse with super high flow water. Using fresh, new water for the cleaning and rinsing processes. There’s always fresh new water being flushed through your rug at all times. Tub washers are high volume washers. Hand washers are lower volume but more precise in their cleaning and in our opinion more thorough. So my thought would be “I’ll take a bath in my own water. I’m sure your rug would like the same?” If you would like to learn more about how Parrot cleans your rugs, call us at 612-388-7228 and we’d be glad to answer your questions or schedule a rug cleaning.

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